Brick Lane building site hoarding street art for CIDA

My section of the hoarding on brick lane, done for the CIDA project
This is an extremely rough montage but I will get better pics


Top Gear Ploo cardboard toilet series 14

Hurrah - My drawings go prime time as James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson test out the Ploo, an eco freindly collapseable
cardboard travel loo.
I drew the instructions and the characters on the box and bag.
Clarkson rubbished the instructions that I drew but he always does that sort of thing.
James may points at my bear illustration and says its Clarkson ha ha.


bike yo ass off, bikes biking motorcycles motor bikes bike up in yer grill

Biker grease, Grease yo Ride you mutha

I did this farm clone shredder delve