Page 13

I included the computer based name Fairchild in this one. And Knoll.


Page 12

Here is page 12 of the sketchbook project sketchpad. I drew a large robotic foot in this one for the heck of it. I use piles of junk and e waste as inspiration.
Here's the wikipedia entry on e waste. From the site Wikipedia.
"Electronic waste" may be defined as all secondary computers, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, and


page 11

Page 11 of the hand drawn sketchpad that I am filling up at the moment. I started this with the Rotring Isograph refillable pen. The paper is quite thin on that pad and some of the more concentrated ink areas go through to the page below a bit. Its partly because of the hard pointy metal nib. I could change to a different pen type but I would like the pages to be consistent. Draw drawing how draw how to draw step by step cartoons is what I would have googled if I had google as a child.